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Toyamaryu Iai-Batto Do Renmei Home Page

Welcome to TIBDR Home page!
This Home page has been created in order to enhance communication with all TIBDR members around the world. This Page will inform you of TIBDR activities, events, and meetings (including outcomes) and so on. We welcome your support of the Toyamaryu Iai-Batto Do team to ensure success of the operation. The Articles of TIBDR, Text books of Kata and necessary application forms for TIBDR can be found within.
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Toyamaryu Iai-Batto Do Renmei (TIBDR)

  Toyamaryu Iaido is based on Gunto Soho, a consolidated, improved, and officially adopted katana swordsmanship of the Toyama Military Academy of the Imperial Japanese Army. After the Second World War, it was referred to as ‘Toyamaryu’ and established as a school of traditional Japanese swordsmanship of Iaido, and it continues to pursue the height of the art with up to date modifications.

  Since the process of consolidation, improvement, and establishment of Gunto Soho took approximately twenty years, from the Taisho period until the end of the Second World War, several sword masters from different schools were involved in its development by stages, thus Toyamaryu cannot be attributed to a single founder.

  The Treaty of Peace with Japan (San Francisco Peace Treaty) was signed in 1951 and came into force in 1952. As Japan regained its independence and the martial arts ban was lifted, Morinaga Kiyoshi, the former director of sword fighting at the Toyama Military Academy, with Yamaguchi Yuki, Nakamura Taizaburo, and others started to call the swordsmanship based on Gunto Soho ‘Toyamaryu’, disseminating it all over Japan.

  Toyamaryu Kata and Tameshigiri have been continued through Seiji Ueki and succeeded by Zen-emon Sakaida with their strong leadership in training and support given by many long experienced Toyamaryu dedicated Practitioners.

Recently, deep and long experienced practitioners of Toyamaryu have worked together for some time with many Toyamaryu lovers around the world. This national and international support encouraged the establishment of Toyamaryu Iai-Batto Do Renmei. We are proud to form this Organization with you.

  TIBDR shall be operated by elected members who would have not only a clear right but also a clear obligation to the Organization. The organization shall be operated in a democratic way and we encourage all members to participate in the official events under TIBDR.

陸軍戸山学校 敷地略図
The grounds of Toyama Academy 
陸軍戸山学校 正門
Toyama Academy of Military Entrance
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