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TIBDR Membership passport/Membership ID
​F.Y. 2020 membership registration is due on March 15th

 戸山流居合抜刀道連盟への支部登録をご希望の方は、このウェブ・サイトのContact usからご連絡を戴けるようにお願い致します。戸山流居合抜刀道連盟・本部より、貴メールアドレス宛に「支部開設申請書」を送付させて頂きます。
​ 注意:パスワードが必要です!
Branch/Shibu Registration and Membership registration
   Toyamaryu Iai-Batto Do Renmei (TIBDR) is structured as the headquarters of the certified Branch/Shibu of TIBDR. Therefore, all members have to belong to any certified Branch/Shibu of TIBDR in the world.
   If you are interested in becoming a TIBDR Branch/Shibu, please visit the Contact us section on this site and send us the request for consideration. TIBDR will contact you and send "The TIBDR Branch Application" through your e-mail address.
  For those who are interested in becoming a member of TIBDR, please contact a TIBDR Branch/Shibu near you and if accepted the branch will send us the Membership Application with a recommendation of the Branch/Shibu Director of TIBDR.
  All TIBDR members will receive a Membership Passport/Membership Card.
Then you could participate in all of TIBDR official events as an official member, and keep all records of your TIBDR activities in the passport.
You may download the membership application form by clicking the TIBDR Logo below.
To Branch Managers  :
 The membership of TIBDR must be updated at the end of the TIBDR fiscal year.
    In order to minimize the possible mishandling of membership information, TIBDR will ask
    the Branch Manager to consolidate all necessary member information and send the membership  application for the next fiscal year.
 Attention: Password required!

2022 Membership Application Form DownLoad
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